Burnside Mural+ is a resident-led initiative to create a visual representation of the colorful history of Glen Park that will include both a large mural and a tiled stairway.

Located at the foot of Burnside Avenue, on a path frequented by walkers enjoying the neighborhood’s greenway and San Francisco’s Crosstown Trail, the project provides an ideal spot to highlight the history of Glen Park. From stories about Islais Creek running underfoot as a likely hunting grounds of indigenous peoples, to the dairy lands and zoo and amusement park of the turn of the century, the mural will pay homage to the history of the land. The mural will include references to today's small village ambiance and habitat for great horned owls and red-tailed hawks.

Most poignantly, it will tell the story of the local women who, in the l960s, saved the area from a freeway that was poised to destroy the neighborhood and canyon.